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Shopping has never been more fashionable!

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Shopping has never been more fashionable! With this Enviro Washable Paper Bag, you can be socially responsible while running errands in style. It can contain up to 15 pounds of grocery items.

10 reviews for Earthgrade Reusable Shoulder Bag

  1. Destini

    I loved the quality of the bag, it seemed very sturdy and perfect for grocery shopping. I returned only because it was way bigger than I had expected but I do believe this would be great for anybody looking for a reusable bag that will last a very long time and that will require heavy loads.

  2. van

    I have the Standard; just want to say, that I am loving it! I use it for all my shopping- perfect size- not too big that it gets too heavy, and appreciate how it sits open with the large flat bottom like a paper bag, and the two carrying handles are super useful. I especially like that the bag doesn’t become too close to the ground even when I’m using the short handles. I’m 5’2” and it feels like the bag was designed for someone my height! Also like the detail of the closure button. All in all, it’s a 10-star rating!! 🤩🌟🌟🌟

  3. L. M. Kays

    This reusable grocery bag is one of my go tos! It is sturdy enough to carry a lot of groceries and the thick shoulder strap makes them easy to carry. It definitely has a unique texture and quality. I get a lot of questions about where to get one from people at the grocery store. I haven’t needed to fully wash it yet, but it is easy to wipe clean and air dry.

  4. Amazon Customer

    This is a great, sturdy bag, but the large is MASSIVE. I could fill it with a lot of groceries, but it has a 20lb weight limit so I couldn’t actually fill it up enough to make this size worth it. I’m going to get the standard size instead for my groceries.

  5. SteveSteve

    The material is definitely leather like in feel and movement. Mostly use this to hall groceries when go n trips and out of town. Has held up really well and don’t notice any wear on it.

  6. Sandy

    Great bag for shopping at grocery store! I would get this again.

  7. Scooter Chef

    We try to be as eco-conscious as we can, and this bag helps us do that. It’s quite sturdy and durable. We keep it in the car and grab it anytime we run into a store. It carries a decent amount and my wife really appreciates the natural look of it. I think her only gripe is that it is pretty stiff, and she’s not a big fan of the way it feels. Other than that, it’s a Good value and good quality. Plus, it just looks cool!

  8. Popcorn Girl

    If you care about the environment or you just like a very cool product I highly recommend this fab bag.

  9. Mindy

    I use this tote to carry books back and forth from the library and let me tell you, that is no easy task! I often get books for myself as well as my kids so it’s always a big load to carry. Luckily, this bag is huge and can carry as many books as I need. (Honestly, any bigger and I would be tempted to fill it making it too heavy to carry)I also like that, when not in use, I can just roll it up and stuff it under the seat in my car. Sure, it gets wrinkly but that’s part of the look/charm of it.It’s really been a stalwart bag, good for so many uses, and so far has held up under somewhat abusive conditions.

  10. Kelly

    Despite the instructions saying to wash it cold on a gentle cycle I decided to try washing it hot on a rough cycle and it came out great! Since then I’ve washed it a few times on the same cycle and it continues to come out like new! My recommendation is to pull it out of the dryer when it’s still a little wet and then hang it to dry so it still looks like leather (if you let it dry completely sometimes it wrinkles).It’s super sturdy and has held up to multiple grocery runs, and has become my go-to bag for everything since it’s so easy to clean! Cannot recommend this bag enough: an eco-friendly tote made by an eco-friendly company that can be washed super easily and is large enough to hold everything you could possibly want it to. I got a Standard Size and was impressed by how large it is (it says it can hold two paper bags worth of groceries but I’ve found it can fit at least 3 sometimes 4 bags worth). Can’t even begin to imagine how big the Large size is–I think Standard will be good for most needs.Overall, highly recommend this bag and am considering buying more to use for other things!

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